Takayasu’s….What Is It?

I have included this page on my blog, hoping to raise the awareness of the Chronic illness that has affected my daughter Sarah. Please feel free to email on comment if you please.

SARAH’S STORY – May 2005

As many of you know I have been through quite a lot in the summer of 2005, and I guess I should start this from the beginning so here it goes. For 3 days I was very sick to my stomach to a point I could hold nothing down from a simple sip of water to a little saltine cracker. After 3 days of this and no sleep what so ever my mother decided to take me to the doctors to get a shot for the nausea. This was on May 4 and that day/night nothing had gotten better so we scheduled an appointment to get me liquids through an I.V. because at this point I was completely dehydrated. My doctor couldn’t get the I.V. in forcing me to have to go to the ER. When I was there they told me that I was actually going into renal failure. This means that all my inside organs were shutting down and if I didn’t get them working again very soon I would lose my life. See when your kidneys don’t work you can’t get rid of toxins that would have been lost through peeing. I wasn’t doing this so they were sitting in me. My liver was also not doing its job and my heart was also suffering so bad that you could see my chest pounding.

This all happened to me May 5 just a day later. Doctors were not sure what was going on and why I was going into renal failure so they began to run tests. I was limited on what I drank and ate since I myself wasn’t getting rid of it. They put a permicath, which is a tube that is put into the jugular vein and they hook up a machine that makes the kidneys function. Now that I had this going I was feeling a little better but still none of my insides were working. Finally I went for an X-ray and they found that my main artery was big in one spot and teeny tiny in another, which in return was blocking my blood flow to my kidneys and other organs. This meant that I was going to have to go through a pretty serious surgery. This surgery would consist of taking a vain out of my leg and inserting it into my stomach to bypass the vain that was not working correctly. Well, I went through the surgery and this is really where the big story for me begins.

Three days after my surgery I told my parents my stomach hurt when they looked at it my stomach was huge and swollen. The nurse called my surgeon where he told my parents I was bleeding internally and needed an emergency operation right then and there. My parents were also told that I might not make it out alive. Well I went into surgery for many hours and by the grace of God I made it out alive. But once again three days later I had the same thing happen to me, only this time my parents were told this was almost 100% sure I wasn’t going to come back. Once again God saved me and I pulled through. I then spent a long time recovering because well, I was cut on my stomach 3 times for goodness sakes! Through all of this they found that what had caused all of this is a disease called vasculitis. My case is called Takayasu which only 1 in a million get and Asian females. Who would have thought that I would end up with something like that?

In result of being in bed for 47 days I lost my leg and arm muscle and couldn’t walk or lift objects very well. I went through many other adventures as well. I also have 2 really big scars on my leg and stomach but hey I would rather have those than not be here at all, right? Thanks to all the prayers because as you can see they really do help. My kidneys were not supposed to come back for a month or even years but both of them are 100% as well as my liver and my heart. I can now walk on my own now and do anything that i want. I have also exceeded the expectations of all my doctors and I hope to be fully healed from everything this time next year. I’m continuing on medication for the vasculitis and believing God for a total healing and restoration! Thank you again for all the prayers and keep them up, I really appreciate them all.

“Sarah having fun”

Medical Explanation for Takayasu’s Arteritis

Medical Explanation from the UK for TA.

Facebook Page for Takayasu Group

Facebook Page for Vasculitis Foundation

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