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Christmas in July, oh no, it is August!

14 Aug

Where does time fly when you are having fun! Life marches on and I am not doing the greatest job at blogging. I was very inspired today when I watched a blogger on a cooking show today, she managed to keep up easily enough! Oh well, I will try again and not be such a sluggish blogger…. So many fun things and events have happened since we last chatted but I will try to share them with you. In February the team went to Myanmar and they loved every minute of it. Jeremy and Kristen worked in an orphanage and loved the kids. Jeremy also got to preach once along with the other team members, Jack and my hubby. Of course, I had a blast with August for 10 days and we had no problems at all. He acted very cold towards his mom and dad when they came back but that soon passed. Here are some pictures from our great summer so far!

Firstly, one of the greatest events…… we are going to be grandparents again!! Yippeeeeeee  Plus Jeremy and Kristen purchased their first home. So happy and blessed.

Congratulations Jeremy, Kristen and August.

DSC_0081“The Sistrunk’s need a bigger nest…”

IMG_3176We had tons of fun at Mesa Rosa with Uncle Daniel.

IMG_3183The Thinkery was awesome!

IMG_3217Not missing Mom and Dad to much.

IMG_3263I went to see Loretta Lynn with Tiffany & Bobby! I was awesome!

IMG_3288Celebrated Jeremy’s birthday.

IMG_3305Park time!

IMG_3325Visiting San Antonio with Nate and Sarah.


IMG_3499IMG_3390Resurrection Sunday and Easter Baskets!

IMG_3414Michael and I went to Louisiana for Red Carpet Weekend.

IMG_3449Visited with Christy Bishop.

IMG_3465Bluebonnet time in Texas!

DSC_0028Went fishing with Tiffany and Bobby at WOW retreat. Tiffany WON!

IMG_3574Some fun park time with my kiddos!

IMG_3643Michael did a water baptism in Arthur’s pool.

DSC_0134Went to Wichita, KS for the 4th July and participated in a parade with Brad & Malinda.

IMG_0024Owen and August became fast BFF’s for life!

Whew, and that was just some of the fun stuff we did!

Michael leaves in a few weeks for India with Jack and Anson to do some ministry over there. Keep them in your prayers please. I promise to post again soon and not overload you!

So what did you do this summer so far?


Not what, but who….

1 Nov

“It’s not what you know, but who you know!”  When Mary came to the tomb, she knew the tomb was empty. Then when Jesus showed up. He did not ask “what” she was looking for but “who” she was looking for. Then it mattered who she knew, not what she knew. It changed everything. Something that has been going on in my spirit is just that. We are all full of gifting, talents and abilities, we all know that but until Holy Spirit descends upon us and invades those areas ~ it is not what you know but WHO you know that makes it all count ~ Jesus.

Busy October….

24 Oct

This has been an exciting month with lots of travel and exciting things happening. One of the highlights was going to the “Voice of Healing” conference in Dallas with some friends. We were blessed to hear some great speakers, Bill Johnson, Dr. Luepnitz and Sandra Kennedy being just some of them. I really enjoyed the teaching that was given at one of the sessions regarding Jesus when the dove came upon Him and anointed him with His presence. I have thought about that just about everyday. I also had the awesome privilege of visiting with my friend Pat, who lives in Dallas now.  Unfortunately, it all ended rather unpleasantly, right before the last session,  when I tripped on an uneven cement sidewalk and fell flat on my face! I ended up splitting the bridge of my nose open and breaking the nose! With that, we decided to leave immediately and drive back home. That evening, after my face being numb all around my nose, I pushed on it and popped the nose back into place 🙂 I heard football players and boxers do this all the time…..  My face was no longer numb and I had no black eyes. I did have a rather swollen face and looked like an Avatar character. You do not want to see a picture! All is now well and back to normal with just a slight scar on the bridge of my nose ~ makeup is great!  A week later 4 of us, including my hubby, went to Redding California for a 3 day conference called “Open Heavens.” It was with Bill Johnson, John & Carol Arnott and a great experience. The teachings were excellent and so was the ‘fire tunnel’. Redding was also beautiful with lovely weather. We visited Mt.Shasta and enjoyed the city.

This month we also were blessed to celebrate two of our children’s birthdays. Daniel on the 7th and Sarah on the 22nd October. Birthdays are always a big deal in our home and we celebrate hard. I am thankful for each day and year that we can all be together and enjoy life and God. Sarah turned 20 this birthday so it was a big one for her, no longer been a teenager! University is going well too and she is in her 2nd year working towards her BSN in nursing. Daniel was hired at Apple full time and is very excited about that. He works in the fraud department and receives full benefits. Yeah God!

Birthday Party Time Photos

Great news too, I found out that my sister, Ann and her husband Rob, will be arriving in December to be here for my birthday and Christmas!! I am so excited and ready for some celebrating. It will also be Robs birthday while they are here.  Last but not least, we had an addition to the family, Siri. I love her…..

"Siri Johnson 4S"