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Christmas in July, oh no, it is August!

14 Aug

Where does time fly when you are having fun! Life marches on and I am not doing the greatest job at blogging. I was very inspired today when I watched a blogger on a cooking show today, she managed to keep up easily enough! Oh well, I will try again and not be such a sluggish blogger…. So many fun things and events have happened since we last chatted but I will try to share them with you. In February the team went to Myanmar and they loved every minute of it. Jeremy and Kristen worked in an orphanage and loved the kids. Jeremy also got to preach once along with the other team members, Jack and my hubby. Of course, I had a blast with August for 10 days and we had no problems at all. He acted very cold towards his mom and dad when they came back but that soon passed. Here are some pictures from our great summer so far!

Firstly, one of the greatest events…… we are going to be grandparents again!! Yippeeeeeee  Plus Jeremy and Kristen purchased their first home. So happy and blessed.

Congratulations Jeremy, Kristen and August.

DSC_0081“The Sistrunk’s need a bigger nest…”

IMG_3176We had tons of fun at Mesa Rosa with Uncle Daniel.

IMG_3183The Thinkery was awesome!

IMG_3217Not missing Mom and Dad to much.

IMG_3263I went to see Loretta Lynn with Tiffany & Bobby! I was awesome!

IMG_3288Celebrated Jeremy’s birthday.

IMG_3305Park time!

IMG_3325Visiting San Antonio with Nate and Sarah.


IMG_3499IMG_3390Resurrection Sunday and Easter Baskets!

IMG_3414Michael and I went to Louisiana for Red Carpet Weekend.

IMG_3449Visited with Christy Bishop.

IMG_3465Bluebonnet time in Texas!

DSC_0028Went fishing with Tiffany and Bobby at WOW retreat. Tiffany WON!

IMG_3574Some fun park time with my kiddos!

IMG_3643Michael did a water baptism in Arthur’s pool.

DSC_0134Went to Wichita, KS for the 4th July and participated in a parade with Brad & Malinda.

IMG_0024Owen and August became fast BFF’s for life!

Whew, and that was just some of the fun stuff we did!

Michael leaves in a few weeks for India with Jack and Anson to do some ministry over there. Keep them in your prayers please. I promise to post again soon and not overload you!

So what did you do this summer so far?


New Year…..Choose

23 Jan

I really want to do better with my blog this year…. it is not a new year’s resolution, as I never keep those!  I have started working-out at the gym.  I have always said in my life that I hate gyms and will never go to one, well now I am the only one with a gym membership in the family!!!  The end of last year was great and a little hard. For one thing Sarah ended up in the ER with some health stuff but is doing well again. We were able to go to Wichita, KS for our annual Thanksgiving trip which was a lot of fun. December was a milestone birthday for me and I was so blessed to have my sister Ann and her husband Rob come and celebrate with us all in December. It was also Rob’s birthday and Christmas, this led to lots of parties, dinners and entertainment. Every year I pray about a word for the year that I believe the Lords wants me to focus on. This year my word is “Choose”. I know that it will be a season of choice for me and that I will have to choose which is what is for me. The scripture that the Lord placed on my heart was, “choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve,…” Joshua 24:15  I want to choose life instead of death, compliments instead of criticism, joy instead of sadness, love instead of hate, health instead of sickness and the list goes on.

Photos from December 2011

Out with the old in with the new.

Do you make new years resolutions?