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My pictures from South Africa!

3 Dec

There are lots of pictures in this album but they sure are fun!


Belize mission trip.

18 Sep

This is a great video of a mission trip that David Broderick took to Belize. He is a member of our church and did an awesome job!

The power of a little yellow flag….

13 Sep

What a game loss ~ Dallas Cowboy Game!  Sad day in the Johnson home.

Graduation Day!!

29 May

Sarah, my youngest, graduates from Round Rock High school today!  We are really proud of her and know that God has a exciting path ahead. YEAH~~CONGRATULATIONS!

Yes, it was a fun day even if it took forever for our guests to get into the building ~

Here are some pictures of the exciting event!

SENIOR 2010.

Graduation Party at our home.

Spring Is In the Air….

10 Mar

I love different seasons. Unfortunately, here In Austin Texas, we really do not have distinct season changes. Not to say that you cannot experience 80 degrees In the morning and by 4 pm 40 degress. The say around here, that If you dont like the weather this hour just wait and few hours and It will be totally different feel! I have been thinking about seeds lately that we have Inside of us regarding the destiny of God In our lives. There are different times for different seeds to start germinating, growing and producing fruit. Change Is not always easy and doing something that has been dormant for awhile In our hearts can also be scary. Time waits for no man so make sure you guard your seed, grow your seed and produce as much fruit that you can from that seed.  Mike preached a great sermon on Sunday regarding being In agreement with the destiny that God has placed Inside of us and one day when It Is all over, we will be empty and satisfied!  “Agreement with God”

The kids and I had fun last night when we attended the “Prom Fashion Show at Round Rock High School. Sarah looked beautiful In her Zebra dress and how grateful I am to have such blessings from God with these three kiddos!

Happy Children!

Festivities, Fun and Family

14 Dec

November was a great month with our family visiting Wichita, Ks. for a few days and then having a great Thanksgiving in our home with some friends. This has been a great December too with my sister, Ann and her husband, Rob arriving from South Africa for a 6 week visit!  The first thing we did after unpacking and having a good nights sleep, was off to the mall to have a family portrait taken.  It was very successful and lots of fun was had by all.  The weather has been rather chilly this month so watching over our plants and pipes has been exciting!  My sister and her hubby went to LA for a week and we did some much needed Christmas shopping.  This past Sunday we had our Christmas play at the church, which Kristen wrote and directed – it was amazing and ministered to us all.  Then that evening we went to watch the Riverdance at the Bass Concert Hall downtown.  It was such a great night of entertainment and we loved every minute of it.  So much is planned with my birthday and Rob’s this month, Christmas and then off to Port Arkansas for a week.  Things for our home are moving along, we just need a buyer for ours now, so say a prayer.  House decorated, brownies cooked, dinner eaten and wheel of fortune, what more could we ask for tonight as we sit around and chat away ~

News Bulletin…

2 Nov


Sarah was inducted into the National Honor Society at Round Rock High tonight!

I am very proud of her and wish that her dad had been here to celebrate with us but I guess China was a little far at such short notice!!

Take a look at all the pictures!