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Going to the chapel…soon

23 Mar

What an awesome celebration it was! Thank you to everyone who made this the most beautiful and wonderful bridal shower for Sarah and our family. I wish everyone in the whole world could have been there. Many said that it was so beautiful she could just have married there! Special thanks to my faithful friend forever, Laura Schnucker, who helped put it all together with my wonderful daughter, Kristen, who spend many hours shopping, buying goodies and expressing her love so graciously to her sister. It is so inspiring to see my children when they speak and interact with people and each other, they are just blessed with grace, honesty and love.  I thank God daily for all three of them. Now, Mike and I have an a amazing son-in-law, Jeremy, future son-in-law, Nate plus two fantastic grand sons, August and Caleb to love too! Counting my blessing……

The Bridal Shower Album


Sarah enjoying her Bridal Shower.


Time of reflection…

19 Mar

Time is drawing close to my youngest child getting married in May and there are a lot of emotions flying around in my heart. As many of you know, she is a miracle child and for me to see her maturing and growing in so many ways, is a blessing and yet a little unnerving. Many of you know the story of Sarah, how we nearly lost her 7 years ago to the chronic illness of Takayasu Arteritis. Well, God brought her through a very trying time and is continuing to heal her daily. For me to see her taking steps forward in life can be tough at times, but I know that God has blessed her with a wonderful, Godly man, who is to be her future husband. Saturday is her bridal shower at the church and I am just so blessed to celebrate, not only her marriage but her LIFE! It’s not about the gifts and everything having to be perfect, just the fact that we have this to celebrate together, is a blessing!   God has shown Himself faithful in so many areas, I cannot even begin to explain and I know that He has a plan for her and Nate’s future. We all have dreams for our children to grow up healthy, happy and fulfilled and to see this in her life is amazing and I thank God daily! 

IMG_5680 - Version 2

Nate and Sarah.


Enjoying the engagement party.


Showers of blessings!

Enjoying the journey.

25 Aug

Summer has been a very busy time with so many comings and goings! I planned on have a quiet one but it never happened! I am not complaining as it has been very adventurous and great to see God doing tons of good things. It all started off with visiting 3 countries in 7 weeks. First, Mike, Jack, my sister Linda and I went to Mozambique, Africa to visit with some missionaries there to help in supplying wells for fresh water. We had a very successful trip and plans are moving forward to support this. We had the fun time snorkeling there  and the guys went deep-sea fishing!

Mozambique Video

My sister, Linda and I in Mozambique.

Mozambique Photos

From there I went to Pinetown, South Africa to visit with my family, which is always a blessing and such fun. A week after getting home from Africa I had the privilege of co-leading a mission trip Costa Rica. We went from San Jose on a boat, ministering on an island about 1 1/2 hours out in the middle of no where! It was such a great experience to do VBS with about 100 children who had never had anything like that before and minister with a pastor there in a local church. God did some amazing stuff.

Costa Rica here we are.

Costa Rica Photos

Michael stayed behind here in the USA as he felt he had been traveling to much. Sarah was blessed to visit Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to visit with Nate’s extended family, plus she went to Orange County, California to visit with Nate’s parents and sister! She also did her share of traveling this summer. Daniel moved out into a new place of abode and is really enjoying his job with Apple, Inc. He works a fraud specialist so watch out you criminals out there! Jeremy and Kristen are anticipating the arrival of their little boy in October, so is Nana and Papa Johnson!

Kristen and Jeremy.

Baby Shower Photos

Kristen, Sarah and Baby!

We had a great baby shower and he is a blessed little boy. No name is chosen yet, so all your suggestions or favorite boy names are welcome in my comment box!!

The road to Calvary….

22 Apr

Excellent blog written by a friend.

This past weekend, we celebrated Palm Sunday, the feast that commemorates Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem. As Jesus entered the city the crowds began to proclaim ‘Hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!’ Hosanna means God saves, reassuring us that no matter what we are going through God will help us, save us, and take care of us!
Monday – was the cleansing of the temple reminding us to cry out -’clean up our hearts O God so there is never anything between us.’
Tuesday – the religious leaders got together and questioned Jesus asking what was the greatest commandment in the law – Jesus basically summed up Christianity by saying, ‘love God with everything within you and love Others!’
Wednesday – the disciples and Jesus were hanging out when Mary came in and broke an expensive jar of perfume on Jesus’ head, preparing him for his burial. This inspires us to remain devoted to our Savior giving Him our best, no matter the cost!
Thursday – was the last supper, when Jesus served his disciples by washing their feet and giving us an example of how we are to love and serve one another. The Passover feast reminds us of God’s steadfast faithfulness.
Friday – He was crucified and died an unimaginable death to take away the sins of the world! There’s a scripture I meditate on every single day, Isaiah 53:4-6 – “Surely He took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered Him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted. But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” This scripture is so powerful! It’s what we celebrate at Easter – that Jesus came and really did all this for us; However, we often don’t act like it! We continue to carry it all ourselves when He really came to carry away ALL our sin, pain, sorrow, sickness, guilt & shame… So, I take this scripture and put those things back on Him, one at a time, because the weight of them is just too heavy for me! If we would just believe Him and apply these truths to our lives, we would live and walk in such freedom and victory! Maybe you need to lay something back on Jesus this week. Take the time to lay down the things that are not yours to carry and allow the beauty of the cross to saturate your heart and soul. Leave your burdens, sin, pain and brokenness at the cross.
Sunday – We celebrate the resurrection of our amazing Savior! Luke 24: 1–6 – “On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. While they were wondering about this, suddenly two men in clothes that gleamed like lightning stood beside them. In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He is risen!” JESUS IS ALIVE! In fact, on the door of the tomb in Jerusalem – where they believe Jesus’ body was laid it says “He is not here – He is risen.” Because Jesus is alive, we can live overcoming, victorious, resurrection power filled lives.
Philippians 3 – Paul said, “I want to know Him and the power of His resurrection.” I don’t know about you, but I want to know Him with all my heart, and receive all His love and provision that I can. We need God’s power, the Holy Spirit, that same power that raised Jesus from the dead: to live inside us, to energize us, to help us, to comfort us, to heal us, to lead and guide us, to fill us, to strengthen and empower us!!! Because Jesus is Alive, we can truly live a grace filled life of freedom and hope both now & for eternity! Join me as we celebrate the life, burial and resurrection of our Lord this Easter season.

Mike in Malawi – April 2010

20 Aug

Take a look at the video!

Summer countdown…..

14 Aug

I thought that it was about time to write again. Sorry about the delay but the word busy does not describe it. I must admit that I have enjoyed every minute of it except for the unfortunate event of having to have a crown placed on one of my teeth…but thanks to a friend of ours, Van Kirkland, who saved us a few hundred bucks, seeing that his business is making crowns. Plus, I have found a great new dentist, Dr. Carpenter who never caused me any pain at all. Needless to say, I have been royally crowed! Moving on here, Sarah and I was blessed to be able to go and visit some of our best friends in Wichita, Ks. for a week. Malinda and Brad are always so fun to visit and we had the privilege of helping buy his Ipad!! Yeah!!  Plus, we went to the local drive-in to see “Despicable”, which we always love doing.  We are also spend rather a lot of time in their awesome pool!

Sarah with friends!

Do not disturb!

Malinda and Cheryl chilling on their deck.

Sarah also went for a spin in Brad’s Corvette and tested out the 0-90 acceleration as they went to Freddy’s to buy us frozen custard ~ yummy!  She loved the car and we sure enjoyed the custard.

She did have the keys in her hand and I said, "Nooo".

Sarah was excited about also attending YfN in Dallas with our youth group.  Unfortunately this will be her last year there as she now prepares to start at Concordia University on August 21st.  She is very excited and looking forward to her studying nursing and obtaining her BSN.  It was also time for her to say goodbye to her Pediatric rheumatologist, Dr. Ruy Carrasco, at Dell Childrens Hospital and meet her adult rheumatologist here in Round Rock, Dr. Tew.

Dr. Carrasco and Sarah at her last visit.

"We are Family..."

Summer has been filled with lots of other stuff and now with the temperatures being in the 100’s for days, we are looking forward to fall…..  Here are some other picks showing some of the fun we have had.

Michael and I on the cruise to the Bahamas in June.

The whole group getting ready to board the ship.

The Dallas Cowboys played and Kristen brought us treats!

Maddy at the dog park visitng friends.

Lacy recovering after her surgery, now no puppies.

Friends have made our Summer so much fun!

Peedy, our friendly squirrel is still causing havoc with throwing acorns at us and teasing the dogs. We now have two hummingbirds in our backyard who really enjoy our feeder and seem to have no fear of humans.   Now with all the college shopping done and the car half packed for Sarah’s big move, thank goodness she only moves 15 miles from out home but that still does not make it easy for us parentals 😦  Yet we are so happy for her and know that her future is bright.

Big news ~ I am off to South Africa at the end of October, by myself to visit my family for 20 days!! Yippee and I am so excited as the ticket only cost me $120.00 with miles!!  Will keep you all updated……

My sister Ann and her husband Rob, waiting in South Africa!!

Summer loving….

1 Jul

Summer has come like a flood for us and we have had the privilege of enjoying every minute of it!  What with graduation, VBS, cruise, Wimbledon tennis, World Soccer Cup and lots more, who could be bored for a minute!! VBS was a great success this year at TOLC and Kristen with her amazing team did a fabulous job as usual.  Many childrens lives were touched and changed forever. There was great excitement and participation with the food drive and we were able to bless a local ministry with lots of food.  Then came our cruise to the Bahamas and we had a blast!!  The weather, ship and company was amazing, not to mention the beautiful scenery and new lands that we all saw.  Sarah and I swam with Dolphins at the city of Atlantis in Nassau, Sarah D and Sarah J sent para-sailing in Key West, some went mope-ding in Nassau, snorkeling in Freeport and Key West.


The whole crew!

We were very excited to have Loretta join us on this cruise!

Jeremy & Kristen celebrated their first wedding anniversary with us.

Sarah, Kristen and Sarah.

BFF Sarah D!!

Sarah in Atlantis, Bahamas, after swimming with the dolphins!

Paradise! Atlantis in the Bahamas.

~See our complete cruise album~

David, Laura, Abigail, Christian and Elisha Schnucker sailed away with us!