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Please be patient….

6 Nov

It is very difficult getting on the internet here, yet my travels continue….Blog Update ~ Enjoy!


I promised a travel blog….

28 Oct

I have the amazing opportunity to travel to South Africa to visit with my family for 3 weeks.  I promised a travel blog while jetting around, so here it is….Blog Update Enjoy!

Summer countdown…..

14 Aug

I thought that it was about time to write again. Sorry about the delay but the word busy does not describe it. I must admit that I have enjoyed every minute of it except for the unfortunate event of having to have a crown placed on one of my teeth…but thanks to a friend of ours, Van Kirkland, who saved us a few hundred bucks, seeing that his business is making crowns. Plus, I have found a great new dentist, Dr. Carpenter who never caused me any pain at all. Needless to say, I have been royally crowed! Moving on here, Sarah and I was blessed to be able to go and visit some of our best friends in Wichita, Ks. for a week. Malinda and Brad are always so fun to visit and we had the privilege of helping buy his Ipad!! Yeah!!  Plus, we went to the local drive-in to see “Despicable”, which we always love doing.  We are also spend rather a lot of time in their awesome pool!

Sarah with friends!

Do not disturb!

Malinda and Cheryl chilling on their deck.

Sarah also went for a spin in Brad’s Corvette and tested out the 0-90 acceleration as they went to Freddy’s to buy us frozen custard ~ yummy!  She loved the car and we sure enjoyed the custard.

She did have the keys in her hand and I said, "Nooo".

Sarah was excited about also attending YfN in Dallas with our youth group.  Unfortunately this will be her last year there as she now prepares to start at Concordia University on August 21st.  She is very excited and looking forward to her studying nursing and obtaining her BSN.  It was also time for her to say goodbye to her Pediatric rheumatologist, Dr. Ruy Carrasco, at Dell Childrens Hospital and meet her adult rheumatologist here in Round Rock, Dr. Tew.

Dr. Carrasco and Sarah at her last visit.

"We are Family..."

Summer has been filled with lots of other stuff and now with the temperatures being in the 100’s for days, we are looking forward to fall…..  Here are some other picks showing some of the fun we have had.

Michael and I on the cruise to the Bahamas in June.

The whole group getting ready to board the ship.

The Dallas Cowboys played and Kristen brought us treats!

Maddy at the dog park visitng friends.

Lacy recovering after her surgery, now no puppies.

Friends have made our Summer so much fun!

Peedy, our friendly squirrel is still causing havoc with throwing acorns at us and teasing the dogs. We now have two hummingbirds in our backyard who really enjoy our feeder and seem to have no fear of humans.   Now with all the college shopping done and the car half packed for Sarah’s big move, thank goodness she only moves 15 miles from out home but that still does not make it easy for us parentals 😦  Yet we are so happy for her and know that her future is bright.

Big news ~ I am off to South Africa at the end of October, by myself to visit my family for 20 days!! Yippee and I am so excited as the ticket only cost me $120.00 with miles!!  Will keep you all updated……

My sister Ann and her husband Rob, waiting in South Africa!!

April Fun…

29 Apr

It is hard to believe that April is almost over and that the count down to school is upon us!!  I have had a very busy month and some unexpected things to deal with. On April 5th we lost my husbands brother Richard, who lived in Wichita Kansas. He was only 60 years old and believed to have died in his sleep from a possible heart attack. Richard was a blessing to us and we are going to miss him dearly.  We celebrated my hubby’s birthday on the 16th and had lots of fun two days before he left for Malawi, Africa, on a Leadership Training with Global Advance. He spend the eve of his birthday with my sister Linda, in Johannesburg, South Africa, where they all had dinner together.

It was nice to have all the family together and here they are playing "Wheel of Fortune" in the car!

With having to go to Wichita, we had the opportunity of visiting with our awesome friends, Brad and Malinda with whom we always stayed. We always have a good time with them and loved the cool weather up there.

Ketchersid's Home

Trees in the front yard.

Michael sitting with their puppy dogs!

We also had a great spring picnic at the church and everyone had so much fun with tons of food, games and ponies ~ the weather was also great! The ladies also went on a Advance together, near Salad Texas, and we had a blast!

The Lodge that we stayed in during the Ladies Advance.