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Happy New year…a little late.

4 Mar

Yes, it is a late start to my 2015 as far as blogging goes. I really wanted to do this once a month but that has not happened. Never to late to try again, right? So much has happened since last August….birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas, a Colorado vacation, a new grandson and the list goes on. One other thing ongoing is that I am training for a 5K! Yes, you read right. I always wanted to run some kind of race and planned on doing it before I turned 40, well now after turning 50, here goes! I joined a running group and my run is March 22nd, so far I have managed not to die trying and I am determined to finish the race well!  Sarah and Nate’s wedding is approaching fast and we are so excited. He bridal shower is March 21st and lots of fun is planned. We are so blessed to have my sister, Ann and her husband Rob, from South Africa, here to celebrate the wedding with us too! Baby Caleb Robert Sistrunk was born February 3rd to Jeremy and Kristen, we are blessed to have our second grandson here to enjoy alongside August. God has been so faithful to us, the phrase that He shared with me for this year is: ” I want to love you more.” At first I thought, how can God love me more, He already loves me as much as He can? Then He showed me that it was for me to say as I walked through each day ~ love needs to increase in my heart towards those around me, as He loves me, I need to love others! I pray that I see people the way God sees them, I need the Fathers heart beating in me. Please share your dreams and hope with me as we walk out this year together!

Here are some pictures to look at: Christmas 2014  Caleb’s Shower August’s 2nd Birthday












Winning with Wisdom ….. drive-thru God.

29 Aug


While exiting a drive-thru today, there was a sign posted, ‘see you tomorrow.’ My first thought was, I am so glad God doesn’t treat me that way! I can chat with Him anywhere, anytime and never have to sit and wait, especially until tomorrow! No appointment necessary, plus He is never too busy!

“I lift up my voice to You, Eternal One, and You answer me from Your sacred heights!” Ps. 3:4

Winning with Wisdom…

27 Aug

We face a challenge whDSC_1003en we feel sadness, despair and heaviness. We have the tendency to want to isolate and separate ourselves from others. Our choices seem like none, our minds become foggy with a lack of clear direction. Know that there is always someone who is willing to listen, to take time to open up and talk. You don’t have to walk this alone. One of the biggest schemes of the enemy is to separate or isolate you.

God sees you through, when you think you’re through!

“A friend loves you all the time, and a brother helps you in times of trouble.” Pro.17:17 

DSC_0112 - Version 2

Summertime is fun time!

26 Aug

Summertime has been busy but so much fun! One of the things that I did, I baked my first apple pies ever. I even made the crust from scratch. JR & DeeAnn Ragaisis, Nate’s parents, visited us from California and were the ones to taste test them, they said they were delicious ~ yeah! They may not look that pretty but I have to admit they tasted scrumptious! IMG_3916The visit was mainly to bring their daughter, Mel, to school here at Concordia and visit with Nate. She has now joined Nate and Sarah at the college. Yes, I had to send Sarah off for her last year at university on Sunday and it was actually very hard. Not only emotionally but also physically (Mainly for the guys), she moved into a room on the 3rd floor and the elevator was broken. Ahhhhh… I did get stuck in the elevator too, 20 minutes of that was not fun!! Regardless, Mike and Nate did an amazing job climbing those stairs with heavy containers – it was fixed towards the end and their last two loads were easier. I miss her a LOT!

IMG_3928 IMG_3931IMG_3922

Kristen organized a visit to the new Aquarium in Austin and we had tons of fun! Tina and Owen joined us along with friends from church. 

We could not miss going to the Thinkery here seeing that we had so much fun at the Aquarium….

We also went to Mt. Playmore here in Austin ~ let me just say the indoor play ground is a dream especially when the temperatures outside read 104 degrees!!

We celebrated another water baptism and had a great time with fellowship and praise!

Last but not least, August went to his first softball game and watched his hero play ~ Nate Ragaisis!IMG_3925

As you can see we have had a fun month and looking forward to the fall with some cooler weather!                                           Football has started and kids are back in school so some new beginnings and things ahead.


6 Feb

It is hard to believe that January is already gone and February is flying by!  February is a great month as we celebrate Kristen’s birthday, Nana gave August his first ice cream cone, August’s first hair cut and my Orchid now has 4 flowers!  Plus, we still have valentines and half the month to go!  Why the Orchid, well I thought the whole plant was dead after being away for a month and it not receiving water.  After some TLC and water it came back with a vengeance and now looks beautiful.  Kristen’s birthday was fun as we celebrated together with food, fun and gifts.  As for August getting his first haircut, needless to say he did not enjoy it at all!  It ended up being fun and he looks so handsome, cute little man!  Something to lift up in prayer.  Michael, Kristen, Jeremy and 4 other people are going to Myanmar on the 17th February for 10 days.  Michael is doing a leadership conference while Kristen, Jeremy and a few others are going to minister in orphanages, parks and bible schools.  It is very exciting for them and plus I get to have August living with me for 10 days!  Oh, how fun and exciting!!!  Hope he feels the same way! Click on this video link to see where they are going.  God is so faithful and good to us.  Sarah is doing awesome and is enjoying her semester at university this term as she is now studying what she is majoring in, counseling.  









It is the new year….2014

16 Jan

Well, Christmas came and went along with the beginning of a new year! Trust that you celebrated well and enjoyed both Christmas and bringing in the new year. Lots of fun was had by all as we celebrated with our grandson this year, August, he really enjoyed opening presents and loves his new racing car! Having a little one around seems to add to the magic of celebrations that we all share.


Kristen with August.

Kristen with August.

Enjoying the time with everyone!

Enjoying the time with everyone!

Augusts first race car!

August’s first race car!

Noice maker...drums!

Noise maker…drums!



Papa and August.

Papa and August.

Happy, happy, happy!

Happy, happy, happy!

This is fun.

This is fun.



Christmas Morning!

Christmas Morning!

We were blessed to go to California for new year and visit with Nate and his family. The weather was awesome and we were able to see lots of Southern California. It was fun bringing in the new year with them all. We were blessed to visit Rick Warren’s church, Saddleback too!

DSC_0264 DSC_0295 DSC_0311 DSC_0332 DSC_0478 IMG_2798 DSC_0461 DSC_0382 DSC_0374DSC_0260 DSC_0248

Christmas is coming….

19 Dec

I wanted to add to my blog today, hoping to get to know you a little better by asking some questions…  We all have so many good ideas around this time of the year, celebrating the reason for the season, Jesus.  Reading about and seeing what everyone does inspired me to ask you a question or two.

What would your ideal Christmas meal be?

We always asked the whole family what meats they would like and we change every year. Lamb is always my favorite (Jeremy and I are the only two that eat it) with a Cornish hen or two. The mashed potatoes, peas, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and let’s not forget the corn and trimmings. Dessert would be a trifle but no one in my house would eat it but me, so we always go with the favorite chocolate chip cookie, pies and ice-cream!


Lamb Roast ~ Yummy!

Fake or real Christmas tree?

My hubby always tries for a real tree but I win over in this one as I really do not enjoy watering it and dealing with all the needles! My husband really just likes the smell I think, so we usually purchase some real wreaths to hang in the house to help with that.


Oh Christmas Tree…

What is your favorite board game to play with family and friends?

Mexican train, Sequence and Farkle of course! We love to play board games and everyone is really competitive so lots of fun is always had by all. Frosty was won one year when we had a game of Bunko!


Frost the snowman.