Time of reflection…

19 Mar

Time is drawing close to my youngest child getting married in May and there are a lot of emotions flying around in my heart. As many of you know, she is a miracle child and for me to see her maturing and growing in so many ways, is a blessing and yet a little unnerving. Many of you know the story of Sarah, how we nearly lost her 7 years ago to the chronic illness of Takayasu Arteritis. Well, God brought her through a very trying time and is continuing to heal her daily. For me to see her taking steps forward in life can be tough at times, but I know that God has blessed her with a wonderful, Godly man, who is to be her future husband. Saturday is her bridal shower at the church and I am just so blessed to celebrate, not only her marriage but her LIFE! It’s not about the gifts and everything having to be perfect, just the fact that we have this to celebrate together, is a blessing!   God has shown Himself faithful in so many areas, I cannot even begin to explain and I know that He has a plan for her and Nate’s future. We all have dreams for our children to grow up healthy, happy and fulfilled and to see this in her life is amazing and I thank God daily! 

IMG_5680 - Version 2

Nate and Sarah.


Enjoying the engagement party.


Showers of blessings!


2 Responses to “Time of reflection…”

  1. Ann Gray March 20, 2015 at 6:15 am #

    That was beautiful written. It made me cry so I thought I must make a comment.yes Sarah is a miracle child. We walked a long road together,as for sisters we live far apart, however our love for God drew us close and we could pray and share with each other every day. Now look at Sarah, a beautiful healthy young lady, full of love for the Lord and others. I just thank the Lord that He has made it possible to be at this amazing wedding. I am sure that God has given Nate to Sarah as he will look after her, two lovely, Godly young people.

  2. Cheryl Johnson March 20, 2015 at 11:31 am #

    Thanks Ann for reading, following and commenting! I can’t wait to see you and Rob for the wedding! Love ya!

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