Summertime is fun time!

26 Aug

Summertime has been busy but so much fun! One of the things that I did, I baked my first apple pies ever. I even made the crust from scratch. JR & DeeAnn Ragaisis, Nate’s parents, visited us from California and were the ones to taste test them, they said they were delicious ~ yeah! They may not look that pretty but I have to admit they tasted scrumptious! IMG_3916The visit was mainly to bring their daughter, Mel, to school here at Concordia and visit with Nate. She has now joined Nate and Sarah at the college. Yes, I had to send Sarah off for her last year at university on Sunday and it was actually very hard. Not only emotionally but also physically (Mainly for the guys), she moved into a room on the 3rd floor and the elevator was broken. Ahhhhh… I did get stuck in the elevator too, 20 minutes of that was not fun!! Regardless, Mike and Nate did an amazing job climbing those stairs with heavy containers – it was fixed towards the end and their last two loads were easier. I miss her a LOT!

IMG_3928 IMG_3931IMG_3922

Kristen organized a visit to the new Aquarium in Austin and we had tons of fun! Tina and Owen joined us along with friends from church. 

We could not miss going to the Thinkery here seeing that we had so much fun at the Aquarium….

We also went to Mt. Playmore here in Austin ~ let me just say the indoor play ground is a dream especially when the temperatures outside read 104 degrees!!

We celebrated another water baptism and had a great time with fellowship and praise!

Last but not least, August went to his first softball game and watched his hero play ~ Nate Ragaisis!IMG_3925

As you can see we have had a fun month and looking forward to the fall with some cooler weather!                                           Football has started and kids are back in school so some new beginnings and things ahead.

2 Responses to “Summertime is fun time!”

  1. Heather McCracken August 27, 2014 at 12:18 am #

    Hi Cheryl
    what a time of excitement & blessings. thank you for sharing & allowing me to be part of your family. Have a very blessed week further
    love Heather

    • Cheryl Johnson August 29, 2014 at 10:19 pm #

      Hi Heather,
      Thanks for taking the time and reading my blog!
      Blessings your way.
      Love Cheryl

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