Enjoying the journey.

25 Aug

Summer has been a very busy time with so many comings and goings! I planned on have a quiet one but it never happened! I am not complaining as it has been very adventurous and great to see God doing tons of good things. It all started off with visiting 3 countries in 7 weeks. First, Mike, Jack, my sister Linda and I went to Mozambique, Africa to visit with some missionaries there to help in supplying wells for fresh water. We had a very successful trip and plans are moving forward to support this. We had the fun time snorkeling there  and the guys went deep-sea fishing!

Mozambique Video

My sister, Linda and I in Mozambique.

Mozambique Photos

From there I went to Pinetown, South Africa to visit with my family, which is always a blessing and such fun. A week after getting home from Africa I had the privilege of co-leading a mission trip Costa Rica. We went from San Jose on a boat, ministering on an island about 1 1/2 hours out in the middle of no where! It was such a great experience to do VBS with about 100 children who had never had anything like that before and minister with a pastor there in a local church. God did some amazing stuff.

Costa Rica here we are.

Costa Rica Photos

Michael stayed behind here in the USA as he felt he had been traveling to much. Sarah was blessed to visit Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to visit with Nate’s extended family, plus she went to Orange County, California to visit with Nate’s parents and sister! She also did her share of traveling this summer. Daniel moved out into a new place of abode and is really enjoying his job with Apple, Inc. He works a fraud specialist so watch out you criminals out there! Jeremy and Kristen are anticipating the arrival of their little boy in October, so is Nana and Papa Johnson!

Kristen and Jeremy.

Baby Shower Photos

Kristen, Sarah and Baby!

We had a great baby shower and he is a blessed little boy. No name is chosen yet, so all your suggestions or favorite boy names are welcome in my comment box!!

2 Responses to “Enjoying the journey.”

  1. Fifi August 26, 2012 at 12:28 am #

    You’ve been a very busy girl! So excited for you regarding grandson.

    • Cheryl Johnson August 29, 2014 at 10:24 pm #

      Thanks Fiona, we found out that we have another one on the way, due in 14 Feb. 2015!
      Thanks for following my blog!

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