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And our family grows…

18 Feb

I was really trying to write in this blog at least once a week and so far I have failed miserably, now hoping to change that as I try again. No excuses to make, so let’s just move on. The year has started out with tons of stuff going on but at least they are things that I enjoy and cherish doing. I am so excited to share the great news regarding our new grand-baby that is on the way! Congratulations to Jeremy and Kristen, my middle child, who will be having their first child in October this year.  Words cannot explain the joy and excitement that I felt as we watched the little one’s heart beating at the doctors office this week.

Our newest addition to the family!

Another great milestone in my life is the fact that I have been at the gym working out which I thought I would never do.  The word choose, which I felt was my word for the year, has been interesting for me. One of the areas of choice has been in the area of my well-being. I started at the gym, working out 5-6 days a week and really did not believe that I would do it. Notice I did not say could not but would not, as I really dislike gyms, especially how they smell!  Well, I have been very consistent and realized that it really is my choice if I do this or not. I know that this is a very important choice to stick to and hope to stay faithful with this choice.  I must admit that going has been becoming easier and I think I am starting to enjoy the torture just a little!  Let me know if you have started doing anything new this year which you thought you would never do or could not do. I would also love to hear about any new exciting events that have happend or going to happen this year for you.